Knitting in the Digital Age: Exploring Virtual Knitting Communities and Apps

Did you know that knitting originated in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region around the 11th or 12th century? The oldest known knitting accessory is a pair of socks discovered in Egypt. This means the art of knitting is not new but has been around for centuries. From the 14th century to the Industrial Revolution, knitting became very important, with whole families practising this as an occupation and producing knitted garments and accessories.

The past few years have seen a surge in the interest in knitting, with many people either taking it up as a hobby or even practising it as a profession. This is probably because knitting allows one to express their creative side and offers therapeutic benefits. Additionally, it's now much easier to learn knitting than it was in previous times due to the digitisation of knitting. That's correct. Knitting enthusiasts worldwide are now turning to mobile applications to enhance their crafting experience and share their love of knitting with others through virtual knitting. Let us delve deeper into the impact of the digital age on knitting.

The Impact Of Technology On Knitting Culture

Fusing technology into the world of knitting has profoundly impacted the knitting community and the industry as a whole. Firstly, it is much easier for knitting enthusiasts and beginners to master the craft and different knitting techniques, as many knitting apps and online knitting groups are now at the doorstep of anyone with an internet connection. This easy accessibility has made it significantly easier for the knitting community to grow and is readily attracting individuals with different backgrounds and skill levels. Moreover, these virtual knitting apps and communities are quite interactive, helping knitters learn from each other and excel in their craft.

Virtual knitting communities allow knitters to connect, share ideas, and show their creations. These online forums and apps mean anyone from anywhere in the world can be part of this. Hence, this supportive environment is what is contributing to the considerable increase in taking up knitting. Are you new to knitting and searching for some good online knitting websites and groups? Whether you are a beginner and want to get started or already know knitting and want to polish your skills, these online communities, forums, and apps will take your knitting game to the next level.

Up Your Game With Knitting Apps And Forums

●       Online Forums And Social Media Platforms

1.      Say! Little Hen

This online brand was founded in March 2017 and aims to provide knitting enthusiasts with a wide variety of premium quality yarns. Their yarn is lovely and soft, and crocheters will love working with it.

Moreover, they value sustainability, and all their products are certified organic, contributing to a better environment. They also offer locally grown wool and alpaca yarns, which are extremely soft and velvety, making all the products wonderful.

The owner also makes exceptional knitwear and stocks different collections depending on each individual’s skill level. You can browse through and either purchase or inspire from these collections. You can also join an Academy For Knitters to hone your skills and up your crocheting game.

2.      Grumpy Ginger

Do you need yarn of a specific brand for your knitting adventure? Do not worry because Grumpy Ginger Yarn Co. has got you covered. They stock all your favourite brands under one roof so that you can easily shop for whichever you want.

They only offer brands that use premium-quality soft yarn, which will make your knitwear turn out amazing. Their colour variety is also great, and you can choose either a single colour or mix and match different ones to create something breathtaking.

Moreover, check out Grumpy Ginger Yarn Co.’s Events page to join the knitting community in numerous activities. From social knitting events to guest appearances of renowned knitters, they offer a lot of fun things for knitting enthusiasts. So, join in for a great experience!

3.      Ravelry

A beta-launched service and website in 2007, Ravelry was created for knitting lovers around the world. It functions as a community site, an organisational tool, and a yarn and crocheting database.

Ravelry also has an app that is extremely popular among knitters. From free knitting patterns of renowned designers to being a personal book for fibre artists to help them note down their projects, tasks, crafts, tools and yarns, Ravelry has much to offer. Additionally, Ravelry also has hundreds of thousands of knitting forums and groups so that knitters can meet people who share the same interests and make friends with like-minded people.

4.      Pattrick

 Every knitter has a specific preference. While some like making simple stuff, others like mixing, matching, and combining patterns to create something different and unique. Are you done with your previous project and looking to work on something new? Pattrick is exactly what you are looking for!

Regardless of your knitting style, Pattrick will provide some great options to get you started. Just type whatever you have in mind, and Pattrick will find the most amazing patterns. This app has an awesome user interface and can easily connect to Ravelry, syncing all important data and making it simpler to use these apps together.

5.      Handmade By Carolyn

This wonderful knitter has been making her own clothes since she was 12 and has a wonderful website showcasing her lovely creations. From the little beanies she crafted for her little ones to beautiful dresses, there is just so much to see and take inspiration from. You can check these out and also benefit from sewing tutorials that she has published on her website for anyone who needs help or wants to know more about knitting and crocheting. 

An interesting thing about this creator is that she also makes shoes! Interesting, no? Using tool kits and high-quality materials, she creates amazing footwear that is bound to get your attention.

●       Virtual Knit-Alongs

There are many virtual knitting activities that knitters from all around the world can participate in through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. This helps foster a sense of community and helps knitters make friendships with people from all walks of life who share similar interests.

●       Youtube And Podcasts

Podcasts and YouTube channels can be great resources for learning. These platforms offer tutorials, reviews, and discussions, which are great for beginners and experts alike.

Through these videos, one can learn various knitting techniques and even address their queries by writing them in the comment section. This way, they can even get to know the mistakes they are making and how to improve upon them.

Why Choose Virtual Knitting Communities And Apps

1.     Easy Accessibility

With the breakdown of geographical barriers, knitters can meet people from all over the globe who share their love of crocheting. This not only gives them a chance to learn different patterns and styles but also helps them learn about other cultures.

2.     Better Learning Opportunities

Numerous apps, YouTube channels, podcasts, and websites provide knitters with a huge platform for learning knitting. Whether you want to craft socks for your little ones, crochet a lovely hat for your best friend, or make a nice dress for yourself, the ideas and styles online will ensure you have lots to choose from.

3.     Improved Organisation

These apps organise all your work effectively. They streamline many aspects of the knitting process. From pattern management to yarn inventory, everything can be recorded so that all data is stored, and you can easily start where you left off.


As technological advancements continue to change the world, they are doing so in knitting as well. As knitting continues to evolve, the significance of virtual communities and online apps continues to increase. From connecting knitting enthusiasts worldwide and offering creative tools to providing knitting crafts at your doorstep, digital has made crafting and crocheting much easier than before.

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