I am a degree qualified Environmental Scientist with a passion for knitting. I was that weird kid knitting on a major construction sites in site utes and site sheds. This all changed when my daughter came into my life. She was a life changing factor for me and that want and desire to work long hours,  away from home for career progression disappeared overnight.


My husband Jarrad worked hard to get us into a position where I could start my dream to do what I love and be back close to my family, where I could be an active part of our daughters life.

We stumbled across the old cottage at the Wyong Milk Factory and felt that it was perfect for this. We had a hard sell to the owner to let us start our adventure back at the start of 2022 as they had other plans for the cottage, but with persistence, we changed their mind. Several months of hard work and renovations later, we had our suppliers and shop ready.


The Grumpy Ginger Yarn Co. opened in March of 2022. The day of the opening was an emotional roller-coaster. On one hand, I achieved my life long dream of opening an amazing space for likeminded people who like to have a yarn (pun intended). On the other hand, I snapped the tendons in my knee and had to go into emergency surgery that week.

I was off my feet for several weeks, but with the support of my husband and my non-knitting/crocheting friends, they opened and ran my little shop for me while I couldn’t.

Since then the shop has been a hive of fun and activity. We have undertaken charity knits and crochet days, with many social groups frequenting the shop. We have created an environment that is homily and welcoming, where crafters can come to be inspired and gain guidance if needed.


We hope you can come and join us in my dream soon.