Multi 20g - 8 Ply - Baa-Ram-Ewe
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Smashed Avo - Pegasus Organic
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Spinifex Gold - Pegasus Organic
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Get Silky And Super Soft Yarn From Three Tree Fibre Crafts

Those who are into knitting are probably well aware of the lovely Three Tree yarn. Super soft and easy to work with, this yarn is made of 100% superwash Merino wool from the best mill to give customers a delightful knitting experience. Whether you have done knitting as a hobby or taken it up as a profession, this yarn will surely impress you.

Explore a Wide Range of High-Quality Fibres

Three Tree Fibres have a wide variety of premium quality fibres to suit the needs of customers. From pretty shades of blues, greys, and greens to darker tones of reds and purples, they have all this and more, so buyers can mix, match, and experiment with all kinds of shades to create extraordinary pieces.

Need to make a deep red sweater for your child? Try their lovely maroon shade called Waratah. Need something multi-coloured? Get the Watermark design, which combines pretty colours of light pink, blue, and grey and will produce an amazing pattern. No matter what you want, you will get it. Three Tree Fibres combines quality with quantity, making it one of the best places for Yarn in Australia.

Grumpy Ginger Yarn Co. Delivers Your Favorite Yarn To Your Doorstep

Need to start knitting, out of knitting fibres or looking for another shade to complete the look of your product? Choose the shade of your choice from Three Tree Fibres and get it delivered to your doorstep by Grumpy Ginger Yarn Co. We provide yarn from some of the best companies and can get it delivered wherever you want, making us the best place for getting Yarn online in Australia.