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Acquaint yourself with the world of premium needle craft tools when you buy KnitPro accessories in Australia from Grumpy Ginger Yarn Co. KnitPro is a family-owned enterprise based in Jaipur, India, known for its superior quality knitting and crochet accessories.

Key Features

1.    Premium Interchangeable Needles and Cables

Explore the Mindful Collection at Grumpy Ginger Yarn Co, the best KnitPro accessories shop in Australia, including the 360 Degree Swivel IC Cable and the Short Mindful Collection Stainless Steel Interchangeable Circular Needles.

These tools are perfect for creating intricate and detailed projects, offering smooth transitions and easy handling. The KnitPro Cables Black and KnitPro Mindful Collection Teal Cable are designed to complement your needle sets, providing flexibility and strength for all your knitting needs.

2.    Versatile Crochet Tools

For crochet enthusiasts, our selection includes the Symfonie Crochet Hooks Tunisian and the Bamboo Crochet Hook. These hooks are crafted to ensure a comfortable grip and smooth crochet experience. The Symfonie Crochet Hook Tunisian Set is perfect for those looking to explore Tunisian crochet techniques, offering a variety of hook sizes in one convenient set.

3.    Essential Knitting Accessories

Complete your toolkit with essential knitting accessories such as the Rainbow Knit Blockers and Aqua Sock Blockers, which help you achieve professional finishes on your projects. The KnitPro Knitting Needle & Crochet Gauge with Yarn Cutter is a must-have for precision and convenience, ensuring your needles and hooks are the right size every time. The KnitPro Ball Winder and Mega Ball Winder make winding yarn a breeze, saving you time and effort.

4.    Reliable Stitch Markers and Blocking Tools

Keep your projects organised with the KnitPro Mindful Collection Markers and Mindful Sterling Silver Plated Chakra Stitch Markers. For perfect finishes, use the Lace Blocking T-Pins and KnitPro Lace Blocking Mats, essential tools for blocking your lace projects to perfection.

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At Grumpy Ginger Yarn Co., we bring the exceptional quality of KnitPro to Australia. Whether you’re looking for a specific tool or want to explore our extensive range of affordable yarn online, we have everything you will ever need!